Atomic Learning is Here

All faculty and staff are now able to access hundreds of online videos and tools through Atomic Learning.  The PD office has provided all faculty and staff access to Atomic Learning through Blackboard under the MCC Professional Development Online link.  You may click here for instructions on how to access this service.

Any faculty or staff having difficulties accessing Blackboard or Atomic Learning are encouraged to contact the PD office at x3661 and we will be glad to assist you.

Pull out those earbuds we provided you on Professional Day and let your online professional development begin right from your desk.


Happy New Year

The PD office wishes everyone a happy 2016!  We are excited to have Atomic Learning embedded within Blackboard and are currently in the process of enrolling faculty and staff to allow easy access to online PD opportunities.  Stay tuned…

Online Resources

We’ve heard it quite a few times: “I’d like to make your workshop, but can’t leave my desk.”  It’s a real dilemma and one we have been trying to work on for some time.  We are happy to announce upcoming access to online workshops through Atomic Learning!  Keep an eye on our Newscaster as updates are sure to roll in quickly.  You can quickly access dozens of workshops right from your desk relating to many of the workshops you’ve asked for.  Don’t worry, though, we will continue some face-to-face workshops because we know those are just as important.

Google Drive Tutorials

PD has added a few, short, videos to our online platform for anyone interested in learning how to create a “word” document, “powerpoint” presentation, or “excel” spreadsheet using Google’s Drive.  Create and edit from a computer, tablet, or smartphone…and access/edit anywhere!  These videos show you the basics, but once you’re in, you’ll be pleased to find how similar they are to Microsoft’s products.  Contact our office if you have any questions about accessing the videos.

Snow Days!

Wow!  We doubt there wasn’t anyone on campus who avoided being heavily impacted by the amount of snow (and snow days) we’ve had.  There were many discussions about how to creatively overcome lost time.  Keep in mind, Blackboard is available to you.  It’s not just for online courses.  Two, full-day office hours were dedicated to helping faculty utilize Blackboard to help with their missed class time.  If you missed them, check out LENS for upcoming Blackboard workshops or contact the PD office and we can get you set up.  Let the thaw begin…