3-Part Workshop

The 3-Part Workshop called, “Diversity, Community, and Democratic Thinking: A Bridging Cultures Faculty Development Group” finished its Fall semester offering on December 9, 2013.  Participants were exposed to ways they could incorporate project-based learning that furthers the goals of social responsibility and global & multicultural literacy.  The workshops were facilitated by Carina Self, Assistant Dean of Social Sciences and Service Learning, with assistance from Paulo Barrio, Assistant Director of Professional Development, and Jordan Hamilton, Practicum Assistant from UMASS Lowell.  Participants shared thought-provoking presentations to the group and the invited guests (Matthew Olsen, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences, Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education, and Elise Martin, Dean of Assessment) were able to listen in and provide constructive feedback through a group dialogue.  We look forward to updates from participants next semester as they incorporate their designs into their classes!



Phyllis Gleason (Dean of Foundational Studies, First-Year Experience, and General Education) did a nice job putting together a presentation on AAC&U’s Liberal Education and America’s Promise (LEAP) High Impact Educational Practices (HIP).  She not only provides a brief explanation, but also shows how MCC is continuing work with HIP’s.  Finally, one can see how MCC’s Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLO) relate to LEAP.  Click here for a PDF of the presentation.